Monday, January 31, 2011

DLALA INDIMA - Phakamisa

The past 1&1/2 weeks have seen a lot of improvements as we finally got the preparation behind us. Kwanele and I have been looking at ways of speeding up the preparatory work while still finding time to engage the youth in brainstorming possible additions or improvements to Dlala Indima.

One of the best advancements was the clearing of the litter/dump site behind the Old Butchery Building. A few weeks ago we hit the Local Parks Municipality Offices in King William’s Town in the early morning and found reliable assistance from Bradley Cooper, the Solid Waste Manager in the District.
  After lengthy discussions and the usual bureaucratic to and fro we managed to confirm the booking of a TLB that is used only to dig graves in our cemetery to visit our site for only half a day for clearing.  In a series of unfortunate and at times resilient events, we ended up with only half the space cleared as the TLB suffered a ruptured oil filter and a tyre burst. We are currently working on having it return to finish up immediately.


A final “jigsaw” in the renovation of the Old Butchery also helped our hastening preparatory advances. The installation of a roller door. This officially renders the space rounded off and ready for an intensive makeover.


Mak1one has arrived in Phakamisa and we spent the w/end getting him around the Township and its youth again. Today (Monday) we spent the entire day on site preparing the surfaces for painting. We receive our P.V.A paint for exterior painting of surfaces tomorrow. 



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