Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hermon - Domino Effect Saturday 15th January 2011.

After months of 'meetings/workshops' with key people that we met while wandering around, we now have a core group. We have had much brainstorming and development of ideas. There are more or less 11 'key players'.
What is interesting now is that their roles are organically changing with their own interests and as the seasons change as well. When the ground level workshops with the different age groups began, so individual roles began to change. For example, Leone America.

Leone is on the right, her mother in the middle and sister on the left.

She was originally our contact on the tournament entry form, but is now working in the fields for the next 3 months. She will only be able to concentrate on her youth group.

Bernie - our MC (Master of Ceremonies) has now become very involved with the children's workshops and helping build up energy for the 'event' - it is now becoming an 'event'.

Another exciting development is that Coca Cola is on board. They will supply much needed unbrellas/gazeebo, hampers (more prizes), banners and what we are holding thumbs about is their truck. This opens up as a stage, with sound and some lighting.

Connie from The Hermon Hotel has organised from her son-in-law, who is regional manager of Checkers, huge hamper food prizes - from a workshop with the community, this is what they wanted. We will also have some trophies.

So, energy is growing in Hermon, visually and emotionally the tournament is coming together. Here are the young children during a workshop with Donald Lameyer, a professional dancer from the township in Riebeek Kasteel. He has his own crew called 'MJ Kings' and they came 4th in the last National Championships - not bad for a small town. Most of the children know him and he is well respected.

And, the Golden Voices from Hermon (2 members missing). They sing gospel - very beautiful and are becoming more open to creating/designing a domino themed song.

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