Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sutherland: Intervention 1: Kamamas/ Youth Centre artwork

Step 2:

One of the strategies we have used throughout the three years of this project is to launch kites at the same time and in the same space each day, the kites are a a way of drawing attention to the project in the town and then recruiting participants for various workshops. The kites are essentially a gentle tool for advertising our presence and have been very successful in slowly gaining the trust of many of the community members.

We begin the day like this:

and end it like this:

Some of the results of the workshops may well feed into a bigger vision for rejuvenating an Arts and Crafts initiative by the NDA.

The results of the workshops also provide inspiration and design solutions for more permanent interventions in the town. The following images are mock-ups for the planned 'Planetary Highway' leading into town along the main road.

As well as other design elements already under construction for the facade of the 'Brain Centre'. Below is an example of the burglar bars of the new centre.

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