Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DLALA INDIMA - Phakamisa

Exploring King Williams Town, Phakamisa and its surrounds.

This day was to be spent connecting with the spaces and surrounding areas.

The hip-hop workshops that we have been conducting have increased in volume and now tour the neighboring townships and locations.  So off we went to Ginsberg (6km outside Phakamisa) with Mak1one publicizing Dlala Indima. It is important to note that because of the proximity of the townships, the “ripple effect” of the street shows and workshops has a huge effect on the strength of Dlala Indima because the foundation has been laid long before. A few possible ideas involving the inclusion of local artists on a soundtrack to a DVD of the making of Dlala Indima  were finalised.

Mak1one, Angelo Charles and myself spent the rest of the afternoon carefully inspecting the derelict building that will be renovated, discussing ways of preserving the history of the building into the design of the renovation. Creative ways of integrating the glass recycling aspect into the space and activities were discussed. Matters involving the registration of interested parties were also taken to mind.  Kwanele has successfully rounded up volunteers and we are now ready to remunerate local assistance for the loads of cleaning up to prepare for renovation.

From here we viewed the bus stops, manholes and streetlights and made relevant measurements and notes to consider aesthetically.
07 Nov 2010

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