Friday, January 28, 2011

Hermon - Domino Effect

Leone's youth group have not been interested in painting banners, and so thank goodness I bumped into Lientjie Raubenheimer born in 1928 (83 years old). She paints and does needlework with a group of older women in Hermon. She giggled at the youngsters designs and walked away happy with materials to paint a banner....

The street from her stoep.
And Connie from the Hermon Hotel will paint 2 banners - yay for the women.
Anna in one of the last photographs inside her house - this month February, the municipality will start renovating and she will have a bath, toilet - running water in the house, her own electricity and plastered walls.

Anna's neighbour Katie, asked for this photograph of her house before it changes.

Donald and the Domino Dancers continue......

And one evening, street lights on, 3 big guys came sauntering down the street - like a 70's western movie - 3 members of the Sports Forum. After Chris's battle to meet face to face with the municipality - it seems these guys are it. The permission givers have given their blessing.

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