Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DLALA INDIMA - Phakamisa

Renovation of the Old Butchery
We are fortunate enough to have a lot of talented bricklayers and construction workers in Phakamisa so scouting around for help with renovation proved relatively easy. We found help within a few days and here are some shots from a site that seems to be evolving daily. It was really exciting being in the new cleared space that was undergoing plastering and leveling. More good news was that the clearing of the glass has encouraged the glass recycling company to collect ALL the glass and pay the owner lady her collections worth. 
So we have seen that the collection of glass from the dozens of shebeens that litter our streets along with the empty beer bottles could fuel a good relationship with a recycling cause. 8 Drums have been bought, these will be used to keep the bottles ready for the collectors and during renovations.
The space is changing radically, and finding interesting ways to use the original, raw,textured shape of the building whilst seeking inspiration are taking vicious shape. 
15 Jan 2011

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  1. Dudes...been reading a couple of your posts herein and I'm impressed with the progress you've made, connections you've fostered and the general energy that seems to be the common thread in all your efforts. Bigups to you guys! What's most interesting to me is your use of public participatory methods...the concept of "doing with" as opposed to "doing for" comes to mind. I'm particularly interested in the community's call for "Awareness in Education" in your post on 6 November. I'm keen to hear the details of the conversation and what exactly was being referred to here. Is this about an inititative to support or supplement secondary education or is this more about skills training for the unemployed youth? holla back...it'd be good to chat about what's been goin' on at the butchery and what's next!