Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DLALA INDIMA - Review Posts

We will be starting with some of our journals that we havent had a chance to post on the blog. Starting from our very first meeting and brainstorms last year (below).

We set up a meeting in the local Small Business Centre with all interested youth and community leaders to introduce Dlala Indima and our collaborating artist Mak1one to the community and get ideas flowing on what the community expects along with all their input. 


The youth involved came prepared and a vast amount of inspiration and relevant insight was shared. Among some of the ideas shared were :

·      Encouragement to pursue sports, as the EC is rich in sports talent

·      Awareness to Education

·      Teenage Pregnancy

·      Breaking down the inter-social barriers (a common topic in most the projects as noted in the workshops)

·      Getting to the bottom of drug and alcohol abuse by instilling a strong family, social, cultural message as a foundation to build from


The discourse lasted well into the late afternoon with heated debates all round. The turnout was not as we expected and we immediately set out to counter that with a strong word of mouth campaign. It was noted during the debriefing that an awareness campaign using posters and pamphlets was to be taken up (since then we have designed, printed and distributed pamphlets with information regarding registration and support in and around Phakamisa; see attachments)


We ended the day with a quick live painting session that was received very well by some of the children and locals. 


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