Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hermon - Domino Effect - more workshops

The Domino Dancers are coming along - the numbers have dropped, which means the dedicated are here to stay.

Donald has been working on 'domino moves' a kind of toppling of children.

Here Bernie demonstrates 'domino toppling' to the children.

And they topple.........

Then, later a workshop with Leone and her church youth group, should have been about 15 members, but 6 arrived - was a pleasure to be more calm and peaceful. Seems like teenagers are not so interested in a domino tournament or being involved in a dance. So, a re-think of the tournamnet structure. Instead of 3 age groups, we will now have 2 - a younsgters and an adult section.

We started designs for banners and later for t-shirts.
Local slang word for dominos is 'dumpies'.

And here is Doons, who we have been missing. He was our first contact, the man who introduced us to dominos in Hermon. He now has work with Roger (I posted a pic of him last year), packing fruit and travelling around the country. Great for Doons, but another re-think for us - he was the main tournament structure designer. He knows all the farms, the workers, the game inside-out. I partnered him in a game of dominos and certainly did not meet his standard! The secret communication between partners is very specific.

All these changes effect the viability of the tournament happening again next year.

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