Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Municipality saves the day ahead of local elections

We thought we were doomed! Dozens of mini dumpsites throughout the hood a few days ahead of the launch and no TLB to help us as promised by Local Municipality. We rented out a TLB and tip truck to clean up the really bad space just behind the Old Butchery and just as we were running behind schedule, in came the help. Within hours there was a second TLB and two other tip-trucks. By the end of the day the whole area was cleared. Within two days ALL the small areas that were used for dumping were cleared and the tall grass around the Old Butchery was cut and all litter cleared. This was by far the most visually fulfilling moment for me during the project, even more so than seeing the complete artworks. It has taken years for our community to look this clean again and it surely means progress 

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