Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hermon - Domino Effect - The Fanwalk

These first four photographs are the only ones that we have of the original fanwalk. By the Monday morning after the tournament, 2 out of 17 were missing/stolen - we hope that they are on show in some-one's house and that they are enjoying them!

This does show us though that the community find some meaning in them.

So, the Monday morning, with Doons and Lientjie, we screwed them all back up, photographed them and then took them down again. The working group/committee are determined that we protect them and do not leave them up on display. At the moment they are stored in the container on the sports field.

The photographs are mounted onto chromadek - they are heavy and hard. Yet people have tried to pull them off, bending them in the process.

Doons re-screwing them all on. Coke printed these photographic boards for us and we were worried about the placing of their branding, but they were subtle and respectful, thank you to Romeo of coke in Paarl, who organised this for us.

Our next challenge is how to share and show the photographs/fanwalk with the community.

They have shown us that they find them interesting. In a few weeks we will co-ordinate a showing of the documentary that Cathy Winter is busy editing - then at the same time show the photographs. Hermon is so small that there is not a community hall, only a church hall, which is difficult to use as a permanent space.

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