Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kindergarten Graffiti Bombs

This was one of the most exciting activities for me during the project.

I came in during the day to speak to the head teacher/caretaker in the Crèche; we discussed possible approaches for artwork and what her ideas were on what she considers encouraging artworks for toddlers. Mak1one was now very close to the end of his stay and we started working at night using the light and generator again. So we decided we would make an interesting addition to our DVD footage by filming us painting the crèche by night in typical graffiti style. We still had groups of locals joining in, sometimes asking us why we chose to work at night, which meant we had to explain the stigma we are trying to break by doing something the kids would enjoy. By 3am Mak1one had finished a piece and a few characters on the front wall of the crèche with the name legible for all to see, I painted the side storage area in bold colours using a paint-stick and rollers also used when bombing. We then came in to take footage of the surrounds during the next morning to see the surprises on the faces of the little ones. Classic stuff. Righteous Graffiti Bombing! 

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  1. mad smart my guy... mad smart imagery and mission.