Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Dlala Indima Centre

Conceptualizing the artwork to go on the external walls has been a journey that seemed to have no end. At first we worked around themes and common issues, what people would like to see.  We then started working on conscious Xhosa sayings and proverbs, this still felt a bit too “old school” for the younger generation and so that was a slight issue. The result is a mixture of the two, combined with a strong focus on the strength of the individual and respect for nature and those around you. As with anything, change, however small begins with the individual. As far as the actual forms that inspired the work, the nature around the space would be the subject. The two buildings sit at the bottom of an open space and the grass always grows tall during the summer, giving a lush and natural feel (when there used to be no trash around). The front of the Dlala Indima Centre is painted in simple graffiti letterform: HLONIPHA INDALO, which means respect nature. Around the building: UCOCEKO = cleanliness and:IMBEKO=respect.

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