Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Domino Effect - t-shirts and banners.

Out of a t-shirt design workshop, everyone chose Adrian Swarts design, he is 14 years old.

It is officially happening!

Lientjie and her first banner, not bad for 83 years old. The 'Fanwalk' story boards have become very much like family portraits, the album showing the process of setting up the tournament.
Her second banner and full of humour, she has really enjoyed herself. Loves shouting at the children to keep quiet during rehearsals.

It has become a ritual that children ring the church bell before the dance rehearsal - we keep on changing the time as this time of the year there is athletics, and sports events, it is not easy to co-ordinate.
Dave Whickam and the steel band, busy preparing.

Coke and their truck are in - great, it means that we have a stage and a sound system, prizes have been delivered......only problem - we have a huge amount of people wanting to play in the competition, maybe it will be too many to deal with, but no-one has 'officially' written down their names on the entry forms! Doons is trying to sort that out this week, and Leone is sorting out the Junior teams.

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