Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DLALA INDIMA - Phakamisa




Plascon has been generous in sponsoring the PVA paint to be used and we finally picked up our shipment from their East London Depo.

It was good to get into painting after spending the past few days having conversation with local entrepreneurs, artists, volunteers and locals in general.


The core visual concept has been amazing piecing together because the local dialect has inspired Mak1one in the way it is similar to that of the cape Flats where he grew up. We organized a listening session where the fans of our local rap group Iintloko Zeenyoka exchanged ideas with us about how these songs could have their themes carried through visually or in celebration. These themes included: solidarity, family values, love, environmental care…soo many on our list.


Words have always been something we knew would play an important role in the projects appeal, and we have laid out the main messages and concepts (in Xhosa).  There is a general word or message for each building depending on where it is and what its will be used for e.g “Ukuzola esimilweni somntu kuyabukeka” (A calm nature is beautiful to behold as a virtue) for the inside of the Old Butchery or “Gcina indalo icocekile” (Do not litter) for the back of the two buildings where there has been a dumping issue.

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