Monday, February 21, 2011

Domino Effect - Changing Hermon

Romeo at Coke has been great - he gave us 3 huge banners that we requested, they are 3m long.

Dirk has started with the domino swing - letting the cement dry. Interesting that the burnt out house behind the swing, was part of our initial plan and design - we had thought to renovate it and create a community centre, until we realised the whole house would have to come down.

Lientjie's banner up - a learning experience in the South Easter and 40 degrees.

Then we took over 2 classes at the Rondeheuwel school - 60 children in each. It was chaotic and surprisingly only a few t-shirts got spolit by spills. It was exciting for two mornings.

The t-shirts having assembly while drying.

Then Anna and 2 other women ironed the t-shirts to fix the fabric paint in the 40 degrees heat!

Anna and Doon's bedroom where 4 people sleep. Doons has been painting the 3D domino's and storing them very protectively.

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