Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hermon Domino Tournament

The tournament has taken some time to digest and put together.
It was a success for the community and there is much talk and desires for it to be repeated again next year. We have all learnt a huge amount during the process.

The Domino Toppling started first thing in the morning - it took all day.

Doons tacking white paper strips onto palettes to give the idea of 'dominos', black and white. As this happening turned out in the end, this was not necessary.

In the meantime a 100 balloons were being blown up in two houses.

Rike helping to tie up balloons.

Then the Domino Toppling.
We put them in piles of 10 on the road.

Stood them up - they fell down
So, we tried them like this......

They all toppled and fell...
So we lay them like this...
And an even better plan developed - each palette had to be held up by a community member and everyone ran after them - the toppling was noisy and created an exciting although slightly dangerous energy.

See Lisa Perold's cell phone video footage:

The Sportsforum who had initially given us such a hard time, were fantastic in their support and organisation. They took over the running of the actual playing of dominos.

The registration table was packed all afternoon.

Special tablecloths for the domino players.

The MC Bernie Louw who has been involved in the project from the beginning.
The Domino Dancers.

'Ghoemma' - the mystery band - beautiful voices.

'Michael Jackson'

Dorothee's pic of the trophies and prizes.

Bernie with his microphone was an energy that did not stop for the whole tournament, which lasted for 4 hours.
Doons found time to play in between his busy day.

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